DJ Los is the best choice for your events. He can cater to any type of event: weddings, parties,
retirements, and more. DJ Los is trained to provide high-quality entertainment at affordable
DJ Los, The Scholar, has enjoyed a rewarding career spinning in some of New York City most
famous clubs that include, The Copacabana, Latin Quarter, The Tunnel, Club Capri, Radio USA. DJ
Los is most known in York City for spinning at the world-famous Madison Square Garden. In NY
city, he was signed to CEG Talent and Scratch DJs, but now represented by Andrea’s Talent
Management {ATM}.
DJ Los has also worked with professional recording artists such as; T.I., Chris Brown, Ginuwine,
Big Pun, Fat Joe, Bush Babies, Ill and Al Scratch, Gloria Gaynor, Kool & The Gang and Debbie
DJ Los has an extensive history and once was a popular DJ in New York. And he has worked for
many famous radio stations in the area. He currently works as a DJ in the state of Florida where
he plays music from all over the world with his own style of mixing that fits any type of occasion.
His passion is to bring people together through music, and his goal is to help people feel happy
and connected when performing
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DJ Los, The Scholar, is an experienced DJ in the state of Florida, who has been providing live music
for events such as club works, and more for years. His ability to provide an unforgettable event
for his clients is what sets him apart from other DJs in the area.
His reputation for quality and attention to detail has helped him grow into one of the most
sought-after DJs in the area. He is known for his ability to tailor his style and sound to each
individual event. Whether you are looking for something more traditional or want something a
little more modern, DJ Los can provide exactly what you're looking for!
Whether you need him as a guest DJ or if you're planning an entire wedding ceremony and
reception, DJ Los will make sure your special day goes off without a hitch!.



{DJ Los is an event specialist who will make your next event a success!}